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About ClassForThat

ClassForThat is an online marketplace where students can find teachers and take online, in-person and/or recorded classes. Last minute classes are also offered online, through our secured videoconference platform, for students who need help right away. We help students find the right teacher for the class that they want to learn.

ClassForThat offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


Find teachers for any class
By entering the class name or a few letters of the class in the SEARCH box, students will be able to see and select the class and then see a list of teachers that teach that class. Students can also browse by category.
Understand what the teacher is like before purchase
See self-provided about teacher description, testimonials from other students, star ratings, level in which the class is taught, and other classes taught by that teacher.
Compare teachers
Compare by multiple characteristics, including: rating, cost, proximity, target audience, level and language in which the class is taught.
Easy to find teacher availability
Students can see and purchase any available classes directly from the teacher’s calendar.
Get thorough description of the class
See a complete description of the class, including sample videos and photos.
Find Volume Discounts
Benefit from volume discounts if offered by teachers.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Students have a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. You can take any class with the confidence that if you are not satisfied, you will be reimbursed.

Take as many classes as you want

Choose your preferred format and learn whenever you want, wherever you are

In Person

Book classes directly from the teacher's calendar at your location or at the teacher's location.


Book classes directly from the teacher's calendar to meet online through our online platform.


Buy and access video lessons at your convenience.


Teachers set their own price for each of their classes. Prices are seen on an hourly rate so that you can compare easier.
Price of each class will vary depending on the duration.
You are charged the amount noted at checkout, with no hidden extra costs.

Need help urgently?

Access Last Minute classes

Access help immediately by offering a price for a defined amount of time and the first available teacher who accepts will teach you right away. These classes are online only through our own video portal.

How it works



Search for any class by name or by category using a tile mosaic.



Compare classes and teachers based on class format, ratings, prices, levels, target audience and languages in which the class is taught.



Purchase classes directly from the teacher's calendar.



At class time, teachers and students meet either in person or online with one click. Recorded class can be accessed at your convenience.

Cancelation Policy

Students can cancel up to 48 hours before the class without a penalty. Once canceled, students will receive a full credit for the class, which can be seen in the Dashboard. Students who cancel classes more than 24 hours in advance but less than 48 hours in advance will receive a credit of 50%, which can be seen in the Dashboard, and teachers will be paid 50%. Classes canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be paid to the teacher and the student will NOT be credited. If a teacher cancels the class at any time, the student will receive a full credit for the class. Teachers are expected to communicate with students via the inbox and provide alternatives as to when the class can be made up. Alternatively, students can choose to take a class with another teacher.


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