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About ClassForThat

ClassForThat is an online marketplace where students can find teachers and take online, in-person and/or recorded classes. Last minute classes are also offered by teachers through our secured videoconference platform that has whiteboard, screen sharing and chat features. Teachers who bring their own students will never be charged a commission by ClassForThat when teaching those students. ClassForThat helps teachers expand their business by marketing them to new students.

Offer as many classes as you want

Choose your preferred format and teach whenever you want, wherever you are

In Person

Schedule classes directly to teach at your location or at the student's location. ClassForThat helps you schedule, charge and plan accordingly.


Sell and schedule your classes directly online. Teach your classes through our online platform specially designed for teaching, with a whiteboard, screensharing and editing capabilities.


Upload and sell video lessons online. Customers can purchase and access the videos at their convenience.

You can also teach

Last Minute Classes

Last Minute Classes are on-demand online classes for students who need a class right away. They are a great way for you to make additional income.

How it works for teachers


Create Profile

Enter your profile for students to get to know you better.


Create Class

Describe the class that you teach so students can understand it better.


Schedule Classes

Schedule classes around your available time in your calendar. Students will be able to buy your classes directly from your calendar.


Teach Classes

At class time, teachers and students meet either in person or through our video portal with one click. Recorded classes can be accessed at student's convenience.


Get Paid

Get paid weekly for classes taught satisfactorily the prior week.

How it works for students



Students search for any class by name or by category using a tile mosaic.



Students compare classes and teachers based on class format, ratings, prices, levels, target audience and languages in which the class is taught.



Students purchase classes directly from teacher's calendar.



At class time, teachers and students meet either in person or through our video portal with one click. Recorded classes can be accessed at the student's convenience.


  • Program classes up to 6 months in advance.
  • Set up multiple classes in one time period.
  • Students purchase directly from your calendar.
  • See upcoming and prior purchased and available classes.
Manage students
  • View and manage students.
  • See classes and statistics by student.
  • Communicate and share files with students through our system.
  • See self-described profiles for students.
Class records
  • See upcoming and prior classes taught.
  • See income generated by class and by student.
  • Access maps for in-person classes.
  • Get notifications when classes are purchased.
Social Media
  • Display and link to your social media for: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and your personal web page.
  • Share a direct link to your class in your social media.
Video system
Online classes are taught using our single click video system or via Zoom*.
Features include:
  • Screen Sharing: share either person's screen and draw directly on the shared screen.
  • Whiteboard: allows both participants to draw on a shared whiteboard.
  • Chat: allows participants to send text messages during meeting.
Class description
Add a complete description of each class you offer to define and differentiate it.
  • Add different photos and videos to market each class you offer.
  • Select the best testimonials to share in your class description.
  • Identify class level, who is your target student (kids, teens, adults), and languages in which you teach.
  • Upload materials you want students to have in advance.
  • Students will see all classes you teach and your self-provided description.


Freedom in Pricing

Set any price you want for each of your classes. You set up a US dollar hourly rate and you can adjust class duration. You can set different prices for people you refer. You can also set individual prices for reserved classes.

Commissions and fees

Classes that you teach to students that you referred have a 0% commission. Classes that you teach to students referred by others have a 20% commission. Fees charged by the credit card processor will be transferred to the teacher at cost. This cost is currently 3.3% plus US $0.30 Dollars.


Funds are deposited in ClassForThat when the class is booked and released after the class is taught.
So you can be sure you will be paid.
Get paid if student cancels on short notice.
Payout for all classes taught satisfactorily in the prior week will be released by Tuesday (GMT +0) and reflected in your Dashboard. You can transfer funds immediately to your account.
See your earnings and other relevant information in graphic form and filter by date, student, and class.

Referral System

Make additional income with our referral system

We want teachers to benefit when growing the ClassForThat community. If you refer another teacher, make sure they enter your referral code (found in your dashboard) when they register.  For a period of 6 months, you will get a percentage of commissions received by ClassForThat from teachers you refer (15%), and from teachers they refer (4%), and from teachers referred by that second level (1%)(total three levels).  So if you refer 10 teachers, each of them refer 10 teachers (100) and each of them refer 10 teachers (1000) you get a part of the commission of the 1110 referred directly or indirectly by you.

Cancelation Policy

With our cancelation policy, you get paid if students cancel less that 24 hours in advance and get paid 50% if less that 48 hours in advance. If students cancel more that 48 hours in advance, they get a full refund. When a class is canceled your schedule shows the newly available time period right away so that other students can book it, making it more likely for you not to lose that time. You can cancel a class up to one minute before the class, but this will automatically return the funds to the student. If you do cancel the class, you are expected to communicate with the student regarding the cancelation.


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*Zoom is not associated with ClassForThat. Zoom logos and trademarks are their property and do not belong to ClassForThat. Teachers opting to use Zoom to teach in ClassForThat will be using their own Zoom accounts not belonging to ClassForThat, while students will also have to use their Zoom accounts to take classes. ClassForThat is not responsible for any type of problems while using Zoom. In case Zoom service has communication problems and you or the student are not able to connect, the student may use the Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. ClassForThat is not responsible for any past, present, or future payments you make to Zoom for the use of their video services.